Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trial of the Tree Theory

Words have contradicted their own meaning so many times. Inspiration has lost faith in the calling, time and again. Truth has lost its' way through transition. What we see, we believe. What we see is what is seeming.

Seeming is scheming.

With constantly questioning my being, I am losing pace. A stride I can not cope with.

Le Roi Moore paints the picture with the saxophone; I sit and dissolve in his modern blues.

Is there any need?

Can we run away, back to the tree?
Can the tree even set free?

Are we here for the self or the lack of self?

Purpose unsound. Nothing profound. It's the same, over and around.



1 comment:

Zlaek said...

The relevance between each line that's been sequenced is rich and directs the progress more and more towards truth (truth, coz of lack of a better word)....About living in a constant consciousness of something that when uttered, contradicts and cancels itself...
Nothingness-- contradicts itsef by existing as concept.
"Purpose unsound, nothing profound. It's the same, over and around" Great work pal.