Thursday, April 30, 2009


The day

Two and a half tomatoes and a trio of multi-colored toes... Some polish and a little threading... A wrap around some beer mug and then a haywire trip to nowhere... A sniff and a pinch of salt... Aah, savour the flavour... An encounter with a fake hug... Some teasing, no blush... End of today!

In a conversation with Shone-ally over facebook, she said:

black inside. shiny outside. cracked and chapped. could be anything for someone else, could be anything for oneself. appealing when it can't be sold. fatal when wrappe

d around your fingers. getting rid of the rot. drowning in my own mentally challenged thought. like a ship that can't find a shore, like the island it becomes. like the island it moves toward. can't pick a side, can never pick a side.

And then, in reply, I said:

the island picked isolation.. but man made that too a nation.. and thus it thwarts to one side and then another.. letting go of the waste that is putrid.. a broken shell and a conch or two.. do we care to look at the brown sand when there's such an overwhelming blue..? how i wish we 'd drown instead! then there would be no side, we would be inside.. deep within, a beam of light.. some Davy Jones' treasure chest.. a steal down under.. who needs the thunder? all we need is something that makes us ponder to the yonder and then wander.. occupation, the only way of being..

The night

My overwhelmingly putrid mind says bye-bye to creativity and writing for now… I shall be better with time and some breath… Adios amigos!

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