Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bad Timing

It is my 100th post. In the last 3 years, I have changed and today I have come to accepting that change. This blog sphere that was filled with empty and had scope for plenty is no longer empty. The virgin warmth is lost to cold rape. I have not had any awefully depressing experience ever. But, this feeling of change seeping in made the colours fly out. I don't have my way with words any more. On this note, I declare the end of this blog. I will miss the crab-shell. But, I guess it's time for the crab to walk out of the shell. It's time to enter the ocean and take to a stream. Ambition has not overcome my feelings of sensitivity, so don't discard me as ambitious. Newness and dawn of realization has brought the tree theory to a close and my imagination to the dark caverns of truth.

My last note in this shell. I don't know if this qualifies for prose or poetry. But this is how the flow came, and I let it be.

I will also publicize this post because I want everyone to know of this end.

Astray amidst the arrow-headed approach of ambition.

Why couldn't I care about career and take control of the wheel of success I must steer.

Daze and delusional drudgery sweeps me off my sunken rooted feet..

It's mush and muck I am so firmly rooted in..

The mush of romanticism that must become much less pulls me gravitationally towards the roots..

I plunge in the dilemma of dreams and duty..

Trivialities of dressing and late-coming bound unto us by the norm of civilization is suffocating..

The corporate is killing the hippie..

The norms are confronting the free-spirit..

The need to fit in is weakening the feminist..

Esteem takes a whirl and then takes a bow and falls..

The much needed beams of faith of family are crumbling with their own need to sustain..

The other pillars of friends are crumbling due to lack of faith..

The lone standing in the this world of money, power and sex is causing reform..

Reform to confirm..

Reform of ruin..

The lead blunts out so must I stop now? Is it a sign?

I must.

With this - it's the end of Zero.. Can I say, stereotypically, it's a new start.. After Zero, it's always: One - Two - Three - Go!

The end.

End of story.
Seeking glory?


S u r j o d e b said...

Best of luck ahead... (^_^)
(Mey the journey continue as 1,2,3..infinity! =) )

S u r j o d e b said...

Best of luck ahead... (^_^)
(*May the journey continue as 1,2,3..infinity! =) )

Enthu Cutlet said...

'The need to fit in' - That's the real villain. Is it really that hard to stop seeking acceptance?

Nice one, hippie :)

S Ramanathan said...

ah come on! thats hardly a reason to shut the blog! :) Dont.

Ragamalika, Malik, Rags, wateva! said...

If the plan is to shut this one and start another one with another name, cool.

If it is to just shut this one, not cool.

cunfusion & marmalade said...

i love it.. lets shut it.. lets never ever talk about it..for words that left will come nothings lost we must dance again

Stupidosaur said...

Yeah! Bad Timing! I just came here! And you have left :P

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

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