Saturday, November 15, 2008

the happenings

  • 'bombay' is the love of my life.
  • i like speed, i always thought i was scared of speed.
  • i really wanna go surfing with ishita.
  • i wanna watch dostana, badly.
  • i wanna watch a lot of hindi(masala) movies.
  • 'company' is the best gangster movie i 've see so far. dunno why i missed it for so long.
  • 'a Wednesday' gave me another dose of brilliant film-making. never mind the stereotypical 'twist' ending. the dialogue, the dialogue delivery and the man who delivered the dialogue, are wow-deserving.
  • dunno why 'mumbai meri jaan' is supposed to be so good?! i thought it was okay.
  • i really wanna go surfing with ishita to see dolphins but i 'm scared i 'll drown or get stung like maani did.
  • the so many quotes i 'm using will piss 'shakti kapoor' off and that is the intention!
  • i think 'delhi durbaar' is very entertaining, to my own surprise.
  • i miss a-jinx-yeah, why? don't ask. he has not come to my house and slept like a prawn for so many days now!
  • alok, baba and sunny are amazing comic relief. and i like them.
  • walking to per-say's house at 1 am is a bad idea cuz he lives in a haunted village! but its nice to check out nepali models online. chinki body builder men.. ooh la la! ;)
  • waking africa up is a task! the girl wont wake up to scary payal sounds or banging on the door or a tickle or even the smell of rotting pickle.
  • i like nepali people, period.
  • the indian viagra is called 'suhaagraa', so says my husband. and that is added to the milk the wife brings when there is suhag raat.. must be!
  • i have gotten married 2 times so far.. love me 2 times..
  • chik chik aah.. chik chik aah.. aah.. our home chant..
  • profound silence dropped off..
  • kyam wants to paint bulbs, i 'm very pleased..
  • can i get married again?
  • watching sunset from a sloping roof in a stoner-house-with-a-bath-tub and a-very-affectionate-dog-to-pet is like redemption song..
  • another bengali affection strikes, indian ocean..
  • i have to return french notes to aashika..
  • i m going back home in december by garibh rath.. hehe..
  • manipal is beginning to work its charm on me..
  • i love our play, shanti haraeko suchna, never mind the psychedelia..
  • i m gonna watch rock on soon, finally! its 58.6% download done on utorrent..
  • plunge, ponder and then wander.. it 'll be nice..
  • malpe is nice at night..
  • new found freedom in a car..!
  • it was very nice to have roshan's mom at home.
  • bewde is a busy person.
  • i finally did overcome my fear of the escalator, thanks to delhi durbaar. shalaka-vinee, be happy!
  • the deejay makes interesting conversation on facebook.. no this deejay got no music she plays..
  • i love my parents very much! very very much.
  • i love my grand-parents more, i think.
  • going to historical places at night is a bad idea.. obscurity..
  • favitra is taking too long to come back..
  • naimul cream my bangladeshi brother, his birday is coming up..
  • i dunno why but i can't get myself to studying. its' time. but still i can't! i hope papadoodles doesn't see this bit. je still ne sais pas francaise!
  • i love my shone-ally..
  • why is ceejay feeling older? the mosquitoes greyed his hair or what?

  • can the above be called wasting cyber-space? double meaning is there.
okay, i 'm done.


Anonymous said...

i waited waited and thank god i read till the end all the happyness came when i saw that my friend still loved me and complicated my name its an utter shame that i'm not the afore mentioned husband in this wild wild game of the loves of the lusts of the growing too much showing busts
on a less serious tune, i like and much better than what you had taken to doing with making it sound like your dear diary page
no i dont secretly read your blog but when i do i read maani's also
i still feel my heart beat the beats when i think of the benches at the back and the way we were so so so SO crack!
the slut, the rapist and the smilist [for now you can change mine if you want]

Ajinkya D said...

A-jinx-yeah is in Bombay. And he too misses not having slept like a prawn at your place, which he so loves, for sucha long time.

What bothers him most is that Roshan is sick. He so wished he were there to see her. He called her but she wouldn't answer. He was later told she was too weak to even answer the phone.. almost lay still on the bed for 3 whole days. That freaked him out further.

FB tells him now that she is well but for a minor eye infection. He too craves Shambhavi 603-B
The craving shall soon take form of a visit.