Thursday, November 06, 2008

the frog and the princess

there was once a frog..
he was jealous of the attention given to the dog..

he croaked and croaked..
no one wanted to listen to his voice so broke..

he wondered how he could draw some attention..
and be worth some mention..

he thought a pretty girl called princess he would please..
and like the legend goes - a prince he would be..

he stood tall in front of princess..
he could not impress..

he knew not the ways to make her try him..
he turned very very grim..

he didn't realize he stood in the middle of the road..
here, i must say, he was a frog okay, not a toad..

the car that roaring one was speeding..
that's when princess noticed him..

a nature lover she was..
towards saving him, she was naturally (pun intended), drawn..

she ran in a frenzy and saved the day..
inside his head, the frog was saying, 'yay yay!'

an awe she felt for the poor little froggie..
she thought he was cuter than her doggie..

she kissed him out of some overwhelming feeling..
there, a prince instead of a frog, came emerging..

she fainted at the sight with the reigning level of the excite..
he held her from fainting, tight..

she woke up in a while..
soon, together they walked the isle..

they lived happily ever after..
now, they are waiting to be father and mother..

the crap i write! just felt like posting a sidey something.. bear with me people..


Ajinkya D said...

hey, don't call it crap. call it "alternative folklore" ;-)

Aashika said...


gayatri said...

very very cute!!!

cunfusion & marmalade said...

ha ha ha dont ask y but this ones my favourite ami