Monday, October 20, 2008

wrote this while coming back to manipal from bombay, beginning of this semester, on the train.. which means i wrote this on 22nd july..


Purple sky lines emerge,
Amidst the jungle of concrete.
The sea is all around,
Yet plays discreet.
The million faces change everyday,
Running ruthlessly towards pace...
The suburbs expand towards everywhere evermore.
Windows open to clutter galore.
Air suffocates the breath...
Disease rises so does crime!
Heaps of dirt pile on pathways,
As animals dig wrappers of food.
A sky walk so bright is built...
Amenities basic are just ignored,
the beat runs through the cult!
A fire burns to keep the spirit alive..
A stive, a strife, to life..
On the run, at the edge...
The spunk!

Zephyr so calm spreads over head...
A slow step emerges in the road so wet.
You walk, you talk, sometimes you fret!
Sloping roofs and few emerging skylines...
More of the young, less of the old.
Trade is plenty.
Greens patches disturbed and empty.
A bump into acquaintances - so frequent.
Warmth exists in the cool.
City buses honk loudly in the narrow streets..
A temporary sanding.
An emergency landing.
Alcohol, smoke and the club,
At every 10 meters, there's a pub...
You know, and, you let go...!


Ajinkya D said...

I'll be honest Ami, this isn't your best. Equally enjoyable but not as perceptive as your Tree Theories or iPod posts...
Anyway, keep 'em coming!
We all need frothy stuff once in a while... ;-)

Hestia said...

yea its not perceptive.. its just a venting..

Aashika said...

umm..i dont know abt styles of poetry and great poetry and all i guess i like this one....
good content...makes sense..especially the "At every 10 meters, there's a pub...
You know, and, you let go...!":)