Monday, October 13, 2008

this is my first take at film making..

temme truly what u think..

honesty shall be taken in good spirit..


Ajinkya D said...

Oye, embed it in your blog, no...
That way, you can get direct comments here too.

Sharanya said...

The idea is awesome but the editing was ok. As in, not great. But oh, what an idea! I like that it has been shot in black and white. The music was use fantastically too; you can go horribly wrong with the RfaD theme but it fit in perfectly, especially with the b&w. Good stuff.

Ami, I think for a first film, it's really good. I await your next.

Shubhendra Singh said...

Got the link of your blog through Planet Manipal. You know what I liked best about the film the "no reaction" policy to some minor incidents, and further taking it to aspect of "chal kisi ne to bhav diya".

Good idea, initial background was clear that a lonely person walking down the street with no motive.

Keep up the good work!

Asmita said...

this is lovely :D.. for the first movie..

l.o.v.e.l.y. :D

I love the girl's smile at the end!
Def. a great Idea :D