Friday, October 10, 2008

cribbing about room

please don't read if you don't like cribbing.

i like people but not all the time.
i am tired of no room.
I need some room in my own room.
i need to feel like its mine.
cornered woman might wonder why i never clean up.. it is cuz i barely ever have any room.
i need space.
i need room.
room for space.
a spacious room.
i m tired and stressed and i want the world wide web to know this cuz otherwise i can't say it.
it's ok to have people over and with them. but, it's wrong to let them take over the personal space. the room is room to a lot of me. but it never smells like me or breathes like me.
unfair. it is like 108 all over again. unfair.
i need to run. far away. somewhere i need to belong, i need room.
cornered to litening to someone talk right now. she needs to be heard. but i need room too.
i feel neglected like i don't need to be heard.
i am tired of talking to my soul home-mate about my shit cuz she has hung on forever and i don't want to bother.
i need to run.
run to bombay.
to my home where i have a room.
need some room for me.
r o o m


Aashika said...

hmm..i can understand well what u mean
ok let me say i am a similar on this front...i have felt just the same too and also running bk to jaipur to get my own space.
the difference is that u have understood that its the room which u want....with me i still confuse this room with everything else..acceptance is a big issue with me....
gr8 post...its given me some amount of clarity..besides that i personally think wanting to run away is so ive wished to do that so many times..myself!!

Hestia said...

its uncool but still felt naa aashika.. what to do!

Ajinkya D said...

My heart goes out to you, Ami. Though, in a way, I've been a part of the problem; I sympathise. You will get your room.