Monday, November 24, 2008

Shooting Stars

It was a starry starry night..

The asteroids made a carpet, a nice red carpet that extended up to Mars.. Mars was was red hot with immense sex appeal.. Mars had his eyes on that cool chick, Earth.. She was so cool.. Her loony blues left a mystifying mark Mars.. There was something about those silver locks of hers too, so serene, so sexy..

Earth, was very happy in her world of flora and fauna.. She was blessed by the goddess of fertility, hence the flora and fauna was in plenty.. Mars drew closer to her because of this futile little something called fertility.. Mars just wanted mate with her and get pleasure plenty.. Earth was the kinda chick who liked a long-term relationship..

There was a twist in the tale.. Earth had Moon.. Earth was very attracted to Moon.. She spun up a tide winking at the Moon's powerful pull.. There, Moon, chased the Earth, by being the shining in the night's Armour.. Earth was very impressed..

Moon finally asked the Earth out.. Earth blushed, love erupted in the form of a Volcano on Valentines' Day.. Stupid Cupid.. Eh, love does strange things.. Volcanoes and voids, both..
Anyway, Moon started going around with Earth.. The stars whistled, cheered and applauded..

Mars was angered.. He thought, "Moon over me! How? He got craters all over him. He is pale and white. Look at me - I 'm red hot. She needs to get a life. Jupiter, Venus, they all want me. And she picks Moon over me. Eh! Her loss!"

So you know, anger=danger, Mars decided to take revenge.. Mars called the Shooting Stars.. Now, Shooting Stars are the underworld of the universal world.. Mars gave the Shooting Stars a handsome ransom and commanded that Earth be devastated.. The deal was fixed..

Shooting Stars had a code of conduct, according to which, they had to go inspect the place before an encounter.. So a shooting star flew by across Earth.. The flora and fauna on Earth gave that shooting star a lot of attention.. The shooting star was famous.. Suddenly, it was believed that you could wish upon a shooting star.. Now this particular star felt very happy, all the loving and attention.. The Underworld was informed about this experience..

This particular shooting star had declined the shoot out.. For the first time, in the history of the underworld, this had happened..!

One after the another, different Shooting Stars were sent on Earth to inspect.. They all declined.. All the loving.. Wishing upon the stars.. Blah ha..

Since then, the Don of the universal underworld keeps sending a shooting start to inspect and shoot out but all of them decline the offer after inspection.. The Earth is just too lovely to be shot down, they say.. The Don keeps recruiting newer shooting stars to do the assigned ..

I have heard that Mars is asking the Don to return the ransom amount.. Mars has moved on.. He is hitting on Venus these days..
The Don is still trying.. It's literally like we, the flora and fauna, of Earth, are wishing upon those shooting stars to not shoot us down..!

Oh and Moon is still completely committed to Earth.. They have been making some crazy tides off late, a Tsunami and a big wave.. Wild is the way they like it.. Anyway, that is not of our concern.. We should not pry into their personal lives..

Fuck! I just got a wire from Celestial News, Mars has been hit on by a shooting star.. Well, it was not an attack.. This shooting star was female and she just had the hots for very red hot Mars.. Nobody taught the underworld, a code of conduct, about love.. Sigh! So she, the shooting star, just came and hit on, collision, BANG!

Mars quite liked it, by the way..

It is a starry starry night, tonight..


Ajinkya said...

Wow! How, just how did you come up with that. Mast story and somehow, in its own way, it's real. It's also very "Ami"

Hestia said...

how? well its the exam charm!
in the time of academic assessment, i lose my sensibilities to the ub and above..

Hestia said...

*up i meant

ramanathan said...

amazing piece..

Generous thief said...

beautiful little girl...dont need to use commas there

Anonymous said...

Ami ami ami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this has been one of the most interesting piece i've ever read!