Friday, June 06, 2008

Tree Theory (Part Three)

Tree and Self Respect
Tis the soul of a mother this time…
Her religion was that of love,
And rituals included unconditional services a plenty.
She was very old when she died,
The entire family had been by her side.

Her life wasn’t such a smooth ride,
There came many a times, a bad tide…
Her husband of twenty five,
At twenty six, wasn’t alive.
It was tragic, to say the least.

Two children, twins they were,
On her own she had to nurture.
Herself as a mother, hardly mature.
But life as it is, a great teacher,
Taught her toil through turmoil.

She gave and gave, never stopped…
She didn’t even expect any returns.
She just contributed always.
She never turned away or shrugged.
Even as hopes were drugged.

Her best friends told her to have self respect.
She didn’t even bother giving thought to that aspect.
Loved she was, she did realize…
In the middle of issues so many, no time to time analyze.
Then, when done, she died.

God granted her the tree spirit.
She suc-seed-ed and got planted.
To ground realities, firmly rooted.
Flowering and fruitful she was.
A swing hung by her branches too, for the little girl who lived across.

Another branch given for fire wood.
And fruit let be damages by a bird.
A whole hole in the bark for the wood pecker.
An ant colony at the base.
A spirit in the ace.

All was given for greater god.
‘Self’ was the only element that had no place in the wood.
Respect for all others, up front.
Respect for self, non-existent.
All was done, yet, nothing was said.

Nevertheless, worship of the tree in paganism,
Is an evident truth.
Touching wood, an anti-jinx,
Is a common ritual.
The importance of the tree comes,
Without any imposition.

Self respect may be in the tree.
Yet it is respected by everybody to set free.
It’s all about the good karma,
Which the tree has in plenty.
Let live and live, let the mantra be!elf-Respect


Sameer said...

A bit ambiguous for a fool like me...

I hate poems which are critically acclaimed becaus emine never are... :P

Hestia said...

dear sameer.. the problem is you have read part 3 directly.. i suggest.. search tree theory on my blog and read downwards.. you will get it! okie.. and my portey is not acclaimed yet, forget 'critically acclaimed'.. :p