Friday, June 13, 2008

journalism = googling

Once upon a time, a silly girl decided to intern in a newspaper office. Considering it was her first time, they decided to give her all the pong work. All she had to do the whole entire day was 'google' things.. Helter skelter, hither tither, blah blah, google google! And then, there was work! Like one day, they sent her away to find people and their views in Kothachiwadi and Gaiwadi. The rest I shall right bout later, cuz I am very bored as you can make out.. Blah ha!


Surjodeb said...

gr8 stuff!...nice to hear u r workin on a real job...
so u got in in mumbai/pune/where in maharashtra?...which paper?
...all the best!!! :)

Sameer said...

Best of luck!!

Aashika said... my experience magazine journalism=googling..they search for everything at peace coz they have some time to prepare the content..!!
hear abt the newspaper googling for the first time...glad they finally gave u some

Aashika said...

heard abt newspaper googling i meant...

Hestia said...

obviously mumbai.. :p


hear hear.. what to do.. but now we get full on work.. so its ok.. guess that was the 1st week naa!

joiedevivre said...

m a student of electronic media..
m also wrking in media as a freelancer..
u wrk for wich paper.?