Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I spoke to Rahul Bose yesterday.. I can't belive my luck and Sachi's goodness! I am still so excited about it.. Now I am one step closer to marrying him! Lol.. Here goes.. How I talked to Rahul Bose for full on 7 minutes..

Me: Hello, Hi.. Ummm.. I am a reporter from DNA.. Can I talk to you for 5 minutes..

Him: Yes.. Depends on what you want to talk about..

Me: Well, this is about the new skywalk that has been built at Bandra..

Him: Why do you want to talk to me about that? Do you think your readers care about what I think about the skywalk! This is how people like me lose credibility.. I cannot comment on something I don't know about

Me: Sorry.. Well it is in relation to the effect the sky walk has on pedestrian culture..

Him: Okay.. It takes a long time for the pedestrian culture to grow. Most Mumbaikars make for unhappy and reluctant pedestrians. Look at how rarely we use subways and choose to cross a packed road instead. For instance, pedestrians still cross at Heera Panna despite the subway. Why shouldn’t they continue to cross roads instead of taking the skywalk? So far this city has paid no attention to pedestrians and I don’t see things change overnight because of the skywalk. It will take a long while for people use new facilities. Without laws, nothing will change. Part of the blame lies with the administration. Alright?

Me: Hmmm.. Thank you so much..

Him: Well, thank you Miss Anonymous!

Me: By the way.. Ami here

Him: Thank you Miss Ami.. Bye!

Me: Bye!


This is my world... said...

awww.. hehehe nice ! hey im a big fan of rahul bose as well ! did u know he represented the indian rugby team ? job well done ! next time u meet a film star ! pass my songs on to them ! hehe

Cj said...

Whoa cool ! You're like a big shot journalist now :D ! WAY TO GO AAMIIEEEEE !

Vasudha said...

Rahul Bose?! Drool. :)

Aashika said...

good going ami...:)
i am guessing Rahul bose would have sounded so bitable on phone..;)
"Do you think your readers care about what I think about the skywalk! This is how people like me lose credibility.."
i agree to what he says....there have been innumerable times when we end up reading celebrities takes on issues which will make no difference to the issue i remember reading about an artist's take on the Jammu Amarnath protests over the shrine board it doesnt make sense for an artist to give his would be revelant to get the opinions of those who have sufficient knowledge and can help the situation rather than chumma commenting...this practice is prevalent majorily in print media, guess they have too many supplementaries to fill these days...!!

Hestia said...

true as hell aashika.. where i worked, we had to take celeb takes for almost everything! li'l lame.. but ppl like it i guess!