Saturday, May 31, 2008

5 things i didn't know!

1. Lenses are made of resin and not raisin! (same organic jazz in the end)

2. Soap operas are called so because in the early years by some coincidence only soap companies sponsored 'em!

3. NDTV has an entertainment channel now called NDTV Imagine, which FYI, sucks ass!

4. My grand dad is mad about IPL..!

5. Twinkling things in the sky are not necessarily stars, they can be planets as well! (*sigh*)

the above points are not confirmed by any knowledgeable source as such. they are affirmed by certain somebodies i trust.. any discrepancy will be accepted!


Sameer said...

I knew that...

By the way the soap word has originated because...

The channels used to filled with dirty p0rn earlier... so to wash it they introduced clean soap.

Aashika said...

"Twinkling things in the sky are not necessarily stars, they can be planets as well!"
i guess planets dont twinkle.....enlighten me if i am wrong..:)

Apurva said...

Ami I likey!
And, I is crazy about the IPL too!

Hestia said...

smart ass!

i thot so too until ajinkya and pavithra told me otherwise! and the nthis 14 year old brother of mine came and told me that it depends upon the refraction of light, which is irrespective of the fact thats its planet or star.. some jazz.. argh!

lovely! love ipl.. ignore me.. *sniff*

Aashika said...

hmmm.......its some theory like "planets never twinkle to the naked eye for exactly this reason. If you look at one through a magnifying telescope, though, the telescope can have better resolution than the coherently refracting length of the atmosphere. In this case, you can see the edges of the planet "wiggling.""......dunno some jazz..chckd doesnt get into my head ya..
btw visit,
u can post yr poems there...its brilliant. chck it:)

Hestia said...

hey have seen caferati.. dont think i m good enough to post my poems there! and that star thingy u wrote goes over my li'l head!

Surjodeb said...
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Surjodeb said...

what .......?!

as pertains number 1, u actually thought it was the other way around?!
ps- 2's no coincidence, it's all connected to this whole cleaning lady syndrome... n housewives in general loving those typical drama type of stories.

pps- i wonder how 3 does that?

ppps- i can personally vouch that planets do not twinkle.even though twinkling is explained on the fundamental basis of refraction, when we say 'twinkle' we imply twinkling only in the macro sense (that is in the sense of as viewed by the unaided human eye). n planets thus do not twinkle. no denying that the effects of refraction n the varying magnitude/wobbling viewing characteristics shall still remain... but that is not described as "twinkle"ing!

...3 makes me wonder... how can one even conjure such sentences...(...that can hav such implications!!!!) goodness. ...god help us.

Aashika said...

hey ami..sorry for the late reply...i think u should atleast try..its a brilliant organisation both at ground level&upper!!:)