Friday, May 16, 2008

energy efficient

la la la la la

another one of my dreamy drawings..
ishita helped with li'l bit of the musings..
this started with some studying..
here goes, happy reading..

in today's time, we derive energy and electricity from water, atoms, coal and i don't know what not.. this is causing some harm for the time-yet-to-come because the Earth has limited resources, and human kind has unlimited desires, and, the desire of human kind is also leading to some more human kind! its like, we are on fire.. well well.. now due to all of this, we are unable to use those resources in a sustainable way (EVS - deja vu)... as a result, there will be a time when our future generations will not be left with much to use.. and this is rather sad because our previous generations have given us so much, inventions, innovations and introspection.. we at our pace of growth of technology are leaving them with pollution, paap and pondering! tch tch..

so with all this jazz in your head that i have filled.. i am gonna enlighten u with my extremely hypothetical solution to this.. leave aside logic and thought, look at only what i got..

okay.. energy efficiency is our purpose.. imagine if u were sitting in one place doing good things and thinking of all optimisms, positivity would flow to u.. the negativity would be in the static constancy of purpose, lets say.. so that positivity along with the negativity would create 'energy efficient' in different capacity.. the more good u do, positivity is created more.. and this keeps creating energy around.. more good karma, more energy.. its all about the right equation.. 'energy efficient'..

with this 'energy efficient', u will be able to run anything and everything.. how? because it is all about the right 'thought'.. this thought will leave in a daze and it will bring u so much that it will all go swarming past in a haze! don't u get it yet? 'energy efficient' is something u can draw stuff from.. almost literally draw.. u can connect via telepathy, better than internet naa! u can paint pictures on life-size canvases.. and videos can roll live streaming in the memory... blogging.. err.. you push button publish it with the power of the tongue n thought n the numerous actions that speak louder than words.. social networking will drop down with good-ass karmic bonds.. then as far as podcasting is concerned, there would be so many a capella doers and guitar players all over the gray street entertaining and stuff! p2p would then literally mean peer to peer! and the travel would be so much easier with 'energy efficient', maybe u would see n feel what's somewhere else by imagination and the some creativity, actually this is better than google earth also! a search engine could be literally replaced by searching for stuff trotting hither and thither.. and time should be caught in a handful of sand.. sands of time.. it would just waver then to our own whims and fancies! isn't that better than the battery run clock that ticks endlessly to tell u how late u r! all of it being instant karma! do good and make 'energy efficient'.. la!

and the Earth will just be happier cuz the resource is human resource which by the way is in plenty(like i said in the beginning of the post), and pro-creation is something that can not end because there is desire and feminists.. feminists because, they 'll fight to keep the girl child alive! the boy child is loved enough to stay anyway (*sigh*)...

'energy efficient' should be the future of good times.. we need a break from technology.. like seriously.. sometimes, i wish people who comment on my blog n read it could hear the same things from me instead, it would be so much more cooler..

i know that i m being very dreamy and u 'd say i probably couldn't live without technology.. but the truth is, if from the very beginning, i was not given any, i 'd probably be happy! u get it?

time wasted or what? reading this.. well well.. mine was, writing this.. cuz i have an exam on internet and new media later today.. now u know what ignited the mind.. ;)

buh-bye fellow dreamers..
'energy efficient' could actually happen..
its crude right now, but i 'll give it some thought..
remember one thing.. all the darned water, fuel, coal, etc. you use to make today's energy is also crude until it's refined and processed.. so gimme some more time.. i 'll bring you the theory, full on then!

tee hee hee


Sameer said...

I give a shit about global warming... and an even bigger shit abt my future generations...

They'll think for themeselves... Necessity's the mother of all invention.

They'll figure out something.

Else no evolution.

And to put it in the words of the great Harivansh Rai Bachchan..

"man ka ho toh achcha... man ka na ho toh aur bhi achcha..."

Read the Day 31 post on Amitabh's blog to know what I mean by that.

Hestia said...

alright sameer.. its a hypothesis!
and besides.. there is something we have to leave for em to build on... at our pace, we are leavin em no place.. sure - the 'll fend for themselves - but its our moral responsibility to use our stuff well n not exploit it..

Surjodeb said...

a long long time hav flown by in the sands of time...

..when again can we expect u to write?

ps- i think i saw u in my colg... probably 11 or 12 days back... i was walkin by the innovation center on my way back after givin an end sem exam... n u wre on ur way to someplace thru the IC pass to lands unknown with 2 companions accompanying...
jus occurred to me when i was writin this comment...

Hestia said...

ur command is my wish..
(yes the other way around)
i just posted..
well - i dont remember this 12-13 days ago story, maybe because i didnt recognise u..
but it is likely that i was that side, my bank is towards the lands of the be-yonder.. and money helps me buy food.. so often i have to go that way..
and why must you waste space like this? even if its on the internet.. i bet you do this on paper too.. sigh.. sadness it brings to me!

Surjodeb said...

it is not space that's wasted... it is capacity that is created. (...capacity to type in somethin else if somethin new pops up in my mind).

ps- ...the glass is always half full. :)
... but why r u so empty? :P

Hestia said...

cuz you hafta be filled with empty, to have scope for plenty! thats what this blog is about! :p
hail ZERO!

Surjodeb said...

i prefer to hail Aryabhatta!

(...or at least ppl like him...) ...who actually created u!