Thursday, May 08, 2008

peaced out

So, today was a really peaced out day..
I was walking with attachment and rasta after hogging at KC and the Chaat Place.. One dosaa and one kachori chaat, so much I eat!! We decided to chill cuz I was quite irritated after finding no peace in the college library also, my room has NO peace anyway, there is constant clutter and confusion! But thats cool cuz it keeps the adrenalin rushing.. Yes I am little retarded, i like noise n jabber a lot, but in the dreadful exam time, u need li'l space! Actually generally also, u need little space, which is impossible in 108.. But - then its cool cuz I have family here!
Now coming back to the peaced out day.. So after the hogging, rasta, attachment and I walk to a garden near the cottages.. the garden has a psychedelic fountain and two really sweet black dogs.. So we sit there for three hours talking about Bombay and life in general.. It really help to have some common cultural bonding. Its' nice, these two along with my cornered woman are gonna be my home-buddies once we move out.. It 'll be nice cuz all of us have roots in my favorite city.. Yes, forgive me for I am always OCDing bout Bombay.. But u know what, I am gonna miss that pong bong once I move out.. There is no common shit between us, in fact, at times, there is NO understanding! But, there is a whole lotta love I guess and that makes us stand thru with each others' crap at the end of the day. You know I know that she feels horrible bout us not being broomies anymore, but the pong that the bong is, she 'll not show it, at least I 'll crib and get it done with, she 'll gulp it in and get constipation!
anyway, back to the peaced out day.. we had our peace at the garden and then it was dark.. the sun had come down.. the Vennugopal temple bells had finished ringing! so it was night.. hmmm.. now - what to do?
time for some sweet stuff.. ice cream at KC? nah.. why not caramel custard at Manipal Canteen.. Yummy Yummy! Just like Gulshan's caramel custard and for a 15 rupees (thanks to the curly haired senior who told us bout it)! We run like three little pigs to the ricksha stand.. You see, Manipal has made us lazy, we refuse to walk even half a kilometer! so we came to the place and fortunately there were only 3 more of those yummy things left.. now slurp, gulp, yummy in tummy! happiness.. food is the best relief.. now i got reminded of cornered woman sayin, skin will shine, oh my god, u li'l babies, so cute u 'll look with all that eating - now u temme - who likes a flabby girl!! :P so the cornered woman so shut up basically.. idyattt!
now this is all done.. we got to the vada pav stall.. onion bhajji - 1 plate.. mirchi bhajji - 1 plate.. 1 vada pav.. burp.. enough man!! more happiness!!
now we walk to the fountain at greens.. isn't that so happy.. all red n yellow n light green with the sound and sight of water.. bonus happiness.. we lay down on the grass in fronta the fountain.. we listened to floyd there.. killer it be.. so oh peaced out.. coming back to life! it was 1 hour that we spent there..
now we walk out and decide to eat paan.. oh khaike paan banaras wala.. so we eat sweet paan with loadza gulkand.. great happiness (like the sunny boy in macbeth)
now.. this wasn't enough - its 10-20 - past perm time - more g***d masti we have naa.. we decide to go to end point!! while walking - we get a few whistles.. nah - we are not hot, the men are just lame! well then - we go and sit at one of the gazebos there and we sit and watch the blinding lights in Manipal.. they have commercialized end point so much that the natural beauty of the place is almost gone like.. sigh - this bad bad world! peaced out still - its a lovely breeze..
now its eleven.. we walk till China Valley and head straight to Fresh and Honest, some coffee to soothe.. some coffee to breathe.. suddenly we see Pavamm walking in with a boy.. Oooh - the head thinks.. but that Pavamm and her chatter kills it! no ooh, all boo!
coming back to 108.. the akka asks bout the cornered woman, I say she lives in the room all the time!
enter 108.. Sleepy girl is sleeping.. Cornered woman is talkin to the guy with a good voice and my bong pong is missing..
anyway.. that's it!
it was a nice day with some studying done!
PS: today, i wrote bout almost all the ppl who are important to me in Manipal.. to top it all, one of my gtalking senior told me i looked nice today - well then.. good day haan! but i don't know how to react to these goodie compliments.. peace out yo!


Aashika said...

hmmmm....had a great happy friends day..good good...such days r to be cherished..:)
dont u feel all girls are so cool together..? they can crib, talk, jabber, do whatever shit they like..not hurry up 4any1, and walk at their own pace...uh..its so peaceful to have your manipal family around...i agree
n ya i didnt anadi has popularised the caramel custard so much..:)
n u indeed looked nice..:)

justanotherperson said...

Loser.. you wish i was sad. I am happy that I am finally getting rid of you. Any room-mate will be better than you. You are so irritating. My God.
And I did not have constipation since class 1 so shut up.
How am I supposed to show sorrow I don't feel and there is nothing to gulp really.

Hestia said...

yes aahika.. girlie time is the BEST!
manipal family is he only thing that keeps me going..

justanotherperson - u r in denial honey bun!

justanotherperson said...

you wish sugar pumpkin. uuggggg!!!

And pray please tell what i will not get out of living with you..

justanotherperson said...

sorry not get out of not living with you..

Hestia said...

justanotherperson.. u 'll not get the following..
-dirty room
-bumming around
-a cool person
-cream bun surprises
-mid night convos
-gtalking roomies
-someone calling u broomie
the list goes on my pong oh of th king of the bong oh! tumi ekta bokaa pokaa - omanoosh - keblaa - tiktiki!
aami jachi..