Tuesday, May 06, 2008

missing bombay

running late,
making vinee wait!

in the train, cribbing,
and hair setting!

from station to college,
meeting people at every step!

neha, gaurav, arjun, dhana and vaze,
vinee/shalaka get bummed as I socialize with my gang LA!

i miss walking with Vinee and Shalaka all over the place..
those were the days..

the causeway and linking road,
shopping to breathe the mind so bored..

eating at Classic, and franky at the place Modi recommends,
in a kingly way the roaming at the road that has many bends!

appu, arsheen and shobhana on karla tripping,
roshni from here to there running!

bunking an economics prelim,
to see hrc where live the musicians who smoked a lotta chillum!

eating at gulshan and DPs,
irritated nevertheless by snow point manager's services!

studs and bags at the flower pot that remains no more,
telling apurva that chinaman is worse than ever more!

coffee and mysore masala at mani's and vishnu ki chaay
in 2005, the LA n vaze, we talked so much crap, i don't lie!

oh roshni's affair with the cold coffee guy!
my my!

i cant write more,
my heart is sore..

i wish i was there right now,
in the only place that creates a wow!

bombay bombay,
u made me happy, day after day!

BCL and books,
guys with good looks!

i miss the city,
that makes me li'l pretty!

the polluted air,
the cheap travel fair!

Bombay Blues and Aloo tikki burger,
pawar nagar bus uske upar!

haathi mera saathi,
paandu ki lathi!

nariman point in the hot sun,
was also fun!


love is too much for the place,
can't wait to be back in a couple of days!


Surjodeb said...

i've been to mumbai before but was jus wonderin if u could enlighten me as to where i could find Claasic, DPs, hrc n also what's karla trippin?

shafeeq sha said...

nice blog...........

Karla tripper (ugh?) said...

Bumbai aaja meri jaan!

Hestia said...

Classic and DPs were small time restaurants near my college at Matunga, Ruia College..
HRC is Hard Rock Cafe which u 'll find at Worli, its killer.. especially if u like classic rock n kind.. they have elvis' pants, prince's jacket and memoirs of various other musicians.. beatles, floyd and jim morrisson.. even though its over priced, go for the experience!!
karla trippin is an inside joke, with my friends can explain!!

thank u

@karla tripper
i meant kalra trippin..
bumbai i m coming yaar, bas bees aur din!


Roshni said...

amiii...such a cute post..u make me love bombay more:)

Vasudha said...

Nice poem.

Ah! Good old Bombay. :)

Sameer said...

Read "Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found" by Suketu Mehta...

Sameer said...

And yeah..

I miss Bihar... sob sob...

Rohan Cornelio said...
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Rohan Cornelio said...

bombay..........always was....... always will be