Monday, April 28, 2008

lost and not found

it happened.. well, i am guilty.. i didn't mean to be irresponsible.. but i was.. i am horrible.. lemme tell you about the loser week.. the damage is done.. i am sorry - everybody! :'( I guess twas destined to be this way.. I have never been worse.. I am so fugged.. argh..

kim's laptop keys got fugged cuz i dropped appy in it.. i did.. i did.. how horrible i am!

sonali's pen drive i left off at campus store.. i did.. dreadful dreadful me!

museIc, enough is said.. *sniff*

my wallet with the icici card - gone - dropped it somewhere!

mother India, my cell phone, I dropped from Shenoy's, camera gone! chaddi chor i am, i am! i made mother India - blind - BLIND!! ugh!!

random guy from MIT - gave me his book of poems to keep safely - and I - I - LOST it! this is the most horrible thing to do! yuck - i am disgusted with myself! sheesh.. shame..

and i lost every event i participated in, no wining!

swathi's lovely green earrings..

i will be punished! i really am horrible.. crime it is..

i think i lost my head as well!


PS: this post is not for evoking your sympathy dear reader.. it is a confession, an acknowledgment! and acknowledgment is the first step to learning!


Surjodeb said... what did u learn?

(was there really nythin to be learnt in the 1st place? were these things really ur fault?)

Hestia said...

i learned to stop being SO irresponsible.. well all of it was my fault.. its not like it's some1 else's fault! naa!

Sameer said...


Thank God you didn't lose my tickets...Else I would have been screwed big time.

Lol...Anyways, i have seen in these things self realization doesn't make a difference. I still lose the bottles i bring school...I was so sick of it that i drink other people's water now....Heehaw!

This is my world... said...

Dont worry ami , u may have lost everything.. but u have to realiz the inner sexiness in u !!

sofullofcrap said...

hee hee reminds me of someone i know .. oh yeah "me" ... except for losing in every event ... being the non materialistic flip i am i tend to lose all my material belongings

maani said...

its a good thing to be irresponsible ami !!! its only when u lose everythng can u do anything !