Sunday, April 27, 2008

to museIc

he is white.. he was born in 2005.. an Apple somebody made him.. he had no peas in his pod.. but he had some music in his pod.. he was of the nano family.. nicely touch sensitive, he always gave a response to me.. he came to me from a brother in Hong Kong.. but then came Loser week.. along with the many things that were devastated, he was injured as w ell.. as you sow, so you reap.. this is for museIc, the ipod...

museIc is loyal..
with playlists many..
207 songs and many hours of music..
the best travelling companion..
it's been 3 years since i had him..
when there was a new theory or rhyme, you played the right music suiting the time!
you never died out when i needed you!
pure as pure white!
the chord we struck was just priceless!
my museIc was named by me..
recently, my museIc was injured..
the screen got a black blob..
the black is like a burn..
but the music still plays..
but it hurts my heart to see this friend so burnt!
i feel like have not been loyal..
i cried the whole week for my museIc..
i am a material girl in the material world..
but museIc is a person..
no one has ever understood my moods better..
the games i played on museIc!
the times you slipped from my clumsy hands, oh museIc,
you still remained in the pink of health..
but today u r burnt my dear best friend..
i miss carrying you with me always..
i can still carry you but I want to save you from further damage..
I will listen to you only in security and privacy..
I promise never to leave you on that dreadful table all alone..
that food place near-by has many a dreadful beings..
I love you, really..
thank you for the music, museIc..
from filmy to freddie mercury..
from led zeppelin to layla..
from jailhouse rock to jammin'..
from everything i do to everyday!
you made me love you!


suryadev said...


ps-when was this loser week?("...but then came Loser week")

Hestia said...

loser week began on the 1st april.. everything went wrong.. truly a fool's week it was.. i lost so much!

Surjodeb said...

somehow ur current pattern of speech reminds me of Yoda

Anonymous said...

I love my daughter as much she loves her museIc. Score well and try healing the burns of museIc.

Hestia said...

@ surjodeb: a lotta ppl say i talk like yoda.. well well.. yoda it is then.. :P yoda hail all! :p

@anonymous: it's weird to see my father commenting on my blog.. trust me papa - u love me much more than i love museIc and i love u much more than that.. ugh! will try and work hard n score well!

Ajinkya D. said...

Is 'wow' the word? No, this is poignant.. no, bittersweet.. I donno.

You are an accidental genius. Or a habitual one..

This comment is for the two posts above as well (Loser week & 5 things)


Hestia said...

u make me sound larger than life.. dont wanna go down in such a blaze of glory! i m crazy, and, only average..