Sunday, April 20, 2008

Phases of the Moon

The Moon decided one day that it will not draw light from the Sun. The stars heard of this and they were very happy? Because, then they would have their limelight, else the Moon would always steal the thunder. The clouds thought, ‘this is lame dude!’ But the Moon had logic. So the Moon said,

‘My aim is to provide tide and not light. So I don’t have to be luminescent. It’s like wasting resources, power and all that jazz. We‘ve gotta start saving up. The Sun is around only for a little bit now. As it is we have power cuts and problems such all the time! You know, nothing lasts forever…’

Then the Sun heard of this heavenly choice. The Sun said,

‘Awe Luna… You are so cute. But stop being loony and listen up… I understand you care. But our light generation is beyond the tide or the cause to provide light. Do you realize? You with your luminescence inspire so many artists, musicians, writers, poets and such other folk. And, you know it is these folk that happen to be the conscience of the world. So don’t darken yourself, the world will be sold out. Instead, you could just phase out once in a while and in the process save some light.’

Hence, there is a cycle, crescent, no, new, full, et al, phases of the moon, faces of the moon! It’s lovely. Hence the different phases in the moon story! The Universe and the Nature, it’s just amzazing. Lets’ draw some dreams on that canvas. Lets’ get some inspiration too. Lets’ save our light, and tide (because after global warming due to all that greenhouse phenomena, the deluge is the final disaster).

End of story.
Now, there’s glory!


Astro-Nut said...
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surjdev said...

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basically am gonna delete the above post now, n post the same under my name. so basically content of the above post shall be reproduced identically in the next comment that u will see below this.

Surjodeb said...

u seem to hav an obsession with all things astronomical. first the big bang and now this.

i guess all people who are fascinated by fantasies or who fantacise about tales are drawn to the above topics, as most things astronomical tend to hav astronomically popular tales of yore to accompany them.

looking forward to taller tales from u.

Ajinkya D. said...


Hestia said...

@surjodeb - hehe that's a good observation n conclusion yaa..
@ajinkya - thengyu!

This is my world... said...

hehe cute !!

The PRINCESS of ANGELS said...
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The PRINCESS of ANGELS said...

wow... coooool idea... loved it...