Saturday, June 28, 2008

cool granma me!

i wanna be a cool granma.. that is the aim of my life! i really mean it.. if i am a cool granma, i will treat all those of u who are reading this post.. so pray for me.. pray that i am the granma i wannabe.. i dont wanna nag or be a burden on anyone.. i 'll be the yoga doin, globe trottin kinda granma.. i shall chill with my latest ipod (it will still be called museIc).. i 'll make my granchildren listen to good music.. i 'll make my special strawberry cream cake and nice daal.. i 'm takin less baths so that they have water left then.. well - i think u shud take less baths too, cuz u don't wanna be a bad granparent..! they will love me so much that i wont be insecure at all.. oh i love my granchildren already.. i wanna have dreadlocks by the time i m granma.. that is very important to be the cool granma.. and natural ones.. not the salon done up crap like.. i wont do botox, cuz that 'll just be uncool.. and yeah, by the time i 'm granma, i will have a house at colaba.. cuz i 'll have pataaod a rich bawa in my mid 30s(shhh, it only for the colaba apartment).. so when i am sixty, those granchildren will love to visit me.. cuz i live in such a cool place.. it is all bout the coolness.. and like chilled coolness, not the wannabe coolness.. i am very evil.. i also want two nice doggies for myself.. we 'll watch tv together, 3s company, doggies n me.. this of course if the bawa dies.. i 'll take my granchildren to theo bromas everyday! they can eat till their heart is content. i am gonna be a cool granma.. i will make my kids listen to 'across the universe.. jai guru deva.. om..' instead of the stereotypical bhajan.. kickass haan! my teerth yatra is gonna be memphis for sure, the king, all hail!! and yea.. i 'll be a good granma.. imagine values like the tree theory i 'll be imparting to those granchildren.. and they 'll grow up listenin to my rhymes bout puck and duck and the broom alien.. they 'll get bed time stories of the big bang and other heavenly hestiaisms.. i m feelin self obsessed now.. i really must shut up.. lol!

so will i be a cool granma after all..?


Cj said...

You most certainly will !

Vasudha said...

Oh, yes, you'll be kewl.

And, will you ask your kids to adopt me? I'd want a cool granma like you! :)

Surjodeb said...

what's theo bromas? what type of cuisine's available there?...n where can it be found?

u seem to be thinking pretty far ahead.... (past the prime of ur life which u haven't even entered into yet!)

..kinda reminds one of those little girls n their dreams abt the guy they'll marry. :)

Hestia said...

thank u! =)

sure.. u can be my gr8 gran kid.. it ll be good fun.. lets see how long i live though..! lol!

'theo bromas' is an eatery at colaba causeway.. amazing brownies and bakes.. just yummy! and it literally means 'food of the gods' in greek!

Aashika said...

u seem to like the greek version of everything quite a bit;)
a great post!!...u surely will be a gr8 grandma....its nice to know young minds these days are thinking of far far ahead...:P:=D

Hestia said...

yes yes.. far ahead! ;)
its fun to think of these lame things most of the times.. gives the mind some air!