Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Food is Good

When man and woman first ate,

I am not quite sure if they were on a date.

Or if there was even a plate!

They just ate – by some chance of fate.

Did they know that food came in variety then?

Did they know they could fry a hen?

Did they even live out of a den?

Maybe they lived in a fen even!

Did they imagine they would have to diet!

And food they would have to fight?

And that food with carbs and wasn’t right?

Sinful was anything cooked in sauce white!

Fat equaling to ugly was a result of multiplied food?

Did the first-man-to-eat-food know that dude!

Did he know that to binge could depend on one’s mood?

He didn’t know what he had started was to obesity, a prelude!

The first-woman-to-eat-food didn’t know,

That food would make her grow and grow!

And leave her on an eternal low!

Also that she would have to cook some more, and more!

Neither of them knew the trap of the food! Sigh!

What a break in the high!

But, if they didn’t eat then, they would die!

And the Earth would just say Bye-Bye!

So good,

That they ate some food!


Anonymous said...

even I don't think while eating ..lolz...
good one....keep writing

Ajinkya D. said...

hey, when did you write this one? I thought Manipal gave you a creative low. And yet, yesternight's dinner was so like 'ghar ka khana'; for a change, it tasted it!
Mom's impressed! ;-)