Saturday, March 22, 2008

Let's play Tag!!!

He Bhagwaan.. Karishma said - lets play tag - i thought - what is this.. but it turns out.. this is fun! lets play tag.. la la la! by the way - our news website i.e. the manipal journal, now, has its own server.. cool or what!! the new addresss is
i m super excited.. lets play tag now.. oh n article19 is close and so is mmsc n so is the kalamanch play! so mush to do! yay! i like being busy!

What is one weird thing about you that nobody knows till date?
I hate cutting and combing my hair! Pain in the ass..

Favourite Ice cream flavour?
Has to be.. Honey Nut Crunch.. With yummy hot chocolate fudge on top..

The craziest dream you had in the past one week?
Blah! Never remember my dreams! The ones I remember become my poetry!

One embarassing thing you've done in public, which comes to your mind right now?
I have done only embarrassing things in public.. I m embarrassment personified. From the ghungroo in my feet to the yellow chappals to the horrible jhatak clothes.. to my dance moves and singing in the middle of nowhere.. my loudness in every sense is embarrassing.. how much i talk no! ohh but the best these days is my 'retarded stare' act with kim.. it's killer.. we stare like retards then smile n well eh.. u 've to see it! lol!

Are you going to be attending MMSC? Why or why not?
Obviously.. Goes without saying yaa! MMSC is the best thing to happen to Manipal.. Seriously.. What a cool concept! It means business nevertheless it's gonna be fun.. We 'll get to meet many like minded people and we can share ideas and generate some new ones too! Lets' meet and discuss, debate and deliberate! MMSC is new age and definitely revolutionary! Be a part of it.. It will go down in hitory! Yipee!

I have tagged Arjun Mogre, Allen, Kim, Aaditya Vaze, Vasudha and Aashika!

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