Friday, March 14, 2008

There's terror, thunder strikes...
HELP, in Morse code, the lightening flashes...
It rains in ides of march...
The Monsoon is far away...
Yet, the clouds turn grey.

It's raining in March. It's not ok. India has very a defined Monsoon season. This untimely rain is yet another calling. It's the 11th hour. The end is coming. Understanding of the intensity of the situation is crucial now. Global Warming and Climate Change is not a farce. Another deluge will come and no Noah will be born to save every-kind on Earth. We can't stop, but lets' sustain! At this rate - 2 generations hence could be submerged already. As it is, some people in the southern hemisphere are drowned. Drastic difference is happening. Earth is calling. Lets' reach out! High time.
I love the rains when they come by in the Monsoon season, but, at this time? The same white noise which comforts the inner yelling is instigating and the same moist fragrance that soothes the senses is twitching right now.

Rain rain, go away!
Longer, we want the Earth to stay!
Blow away - oh clouds Grey!
Silently, we should now pray.
To our development monster, the Nature has fallen prey!
It's all about bad timing,
Some pollution and littering.
That, the Earth is now calling.

Sadness prevails. Call me pessimist, cynical, retarded, blaah for all I care!

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