Sunday, May 20, 2007

just a story.
‘just one dance!
He insisted.

She was reluctant.
He would not listen.
He was insistent.
It was time already, he had to hasten.

‘tick – Tock – tick’,
The old fashioned clock screamed.
12 times the bell did ring.
She went pale…

(No, this is no Cinderella story,
It’s about a woman’s glory!)

He was drunk,
His breath did stink.
She pulled at his sleeve,
He pushed her away.

She spoke softly,
‘Honey… That’s enough!’
He would not listen,
She had to hasten.

He had lost control.
His nervous system was sore.
He fought with all…
Bad breath – foul words…

She was very upset.
A tear trickled and tricked…
His conscience was pricked.
He came to her.

She drove him home.
He slept like a baby.
She smiled softly.
And caressed his hair.

End of story,
Where’s the glory?
We all get carried away…
We fumble and sway.

Life’s like that!

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