Thursday, May 03, 2007

boho chic is out!

get boho grunge!

inspired by my life...

designed by:

all lotus eaters, messy people, chilled out people, people who don't care about what the world thinks about my clothes, my kinda people, crazy people, people who HATE shopping, fashion-aversed people and blah blah, and bored people, and people who hear their mom cribbin bout how sucky their appearance is and yeah - me!

oranges, shades of brown, dull blues/greens, maroons, black, white.. blah!

wear a kurta of any of the above mentioned colours! And, wear your favorite old pair of jeans(does your mom crib bout this old pair of jeans, if she does, then, don't worry, yours are purrrfect!)

Now wash your hair.. Don't comb em or brush em.. Let the knots be! Clutch em with a clip...

Wear your Bandra chappals...(no leather please!!!)

Wear junk jewellery.

Use Charlie - Sunshine.

Hang your jholaa..


Ta da!

Get out...

PS: brown kohl is the best for the look!

now I m bored of writin this crap...

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