Sunday, May 20, 2007

Duck asked Puck,
‘why do you have to chamak?’
puck said to duck,
cuz to chamak is a hak
duck told puck,
‘then chuck chuck!
I don’t want that hak.’

Puck said to Duck,
‘remember Bob Marley?’
duck told puck,
‘yes!!! Loved him… Yippee!’
puck sang to duck,
‘Get up Stand up…
Stand up for your rights!’

Now, duck told puck,
‘Chuck chamak,
there’s more to rights, my Puck!
Chamak is a matter of luck.
My right is many a thing,
Like the cause of Ugly Duckling.
And why only cuckoos sing?
And why we ducks don’t fly despite wing?’

Puck said to Duck,
‘You are so mature,
I was mistaken, dear creature.
Now I will make fruitful, my future.
Chuck Chamak!
Chuck Chamak!’

1 comment:

ranjita said...

inspiring stuff! i shall make my future fruitful too...
all hail duck and puck!