Tuesday, September 09, 2008

So this one is relatively different.. It is about 'useful equanimity'.. This 'equanimity' is a new word I learned from a-jinx-yeah.. I dedicate this part of 'tree theory' to two of my closest friends, wippie and cornered.. Both cornered and wippie do not realize how they have helped in the churning of this suc-seed-ed part four! Any way read.. You have to know previous tree theory knowings to understand his one, search for 'tree theory' on this very blog and read bottoms up.. ;)

Tree Theory Four
useful equanimity

Animals they were living alongside in a jungle...
A monkey, two elephants and a dog, different species though, happily they would mingle!

The jungle was just enough for their belonging.
They ate, drank, celebrated and were happy with all the happening.

Together they gazed at the starry sky.
And watched the humans as they 'd pass-by...

The monkey was a sage in his own way,
All things materialistic he had given away.

He lived on food offered to him by the dog.
The dog had vision so powerful that he could see through fog.

A seer, a sayer, a fortune teller...
The dog could see beyond the layer.

The dog lived outside the elephant's house to guard,
The she-elephant was as sweet as honey and the he-elephant was in her love, a bard.

She loved him as much as well,
Together they were a complementing couple.

The dog, monkey and elephants were a family so perfect!
Each-other, they loved and one-another, they would protect.

Together they gazed at the starry sky.
And watched the humans as they 'd pass-by...

The tip of the ice-berg had begun to surface..
Our jungle here was spotted by the human rat race.

They came, they saw and they conquered.

At frst they cut the monkey's tree,
The monkey died and his spirit set free.

Then they domesticated the dog,
That was the end of the dog, caught in a suffocating bog.

The elephants' they killed for their tusks so valuable,
The souls of the elephants went up and high like water in a bubble.

The jungle was vandalized.
Every organism was traumatized.

The four of them to whom the jungle belonged,
Were granted tree spirit with a strange magic wand.

Trees they were now with plenty tolerence.
With a whole lot of modest indifference.

Together they gazed at the starry sky.
And watched the humans as they 'd pass-by...


end of theory.
where's the glory?


Pavithra.S. said...

Just the perfect end. Brilliant.Every new theory on the tree is a newer insight.Nice.

Think Tank said...

um ..i dont the tree theory ..but liked wateva was written here in this post ...n u r thinkin ..dum dum dum dum

Ajinkya D. said...

I think I said it before and I'll risk saying it again: I don't agree to those who think you are being a lunatic. The tree theories keep getting 'wiser' and 'wider' every time.
A concept so strong built out of something so unthought of... its amazing. I wouldn't be able to extract so much outta a tree!
Keep 'em coming, Mathur!