Sunday, August 17, 2008

obscure insecurity

Thought befriended Talk one day... Time was also there a plenty. Thought thought why not talk it out! Thought began to talk Talk to talk. For Talk, to talk was a non-issue, so talked Talk. Time was a plenty. To listen, there was Nobody. Nobody didn't turn up because Nobody didn't have the time a plenty. So where was Nobody? Nobody was with everybody who had Talk talking without Thought for a friend. Talk was a good talker, but naturally, by the grace of pomp and show and play on words airy.
'Now what?', thought Thought! Thought had thought that befriending Talk would bring him audience so that there is change in perspective. But, now Thought's thought had seemed in vain. So what was Thought to do to bring an audience? Thought thought of befriending the thoughtlessness, because Thought thought that Talk-without-Thought-for-a-friend had brought the audience. The moment Thought took to thoughtlessness, end came. The thought to talk and be heard didn't arise because of thoughtlessness.
Talk still talked with thoughtlessness because to talk for Talk came naturally.
Time was still there a plenty, because the Earth likes to move it move it...!
Audience came to listen because time was a plenty.

That is the end of this story.
I am urging you to find the glory!


Think Tank said...

yes thoughtlessness has a huge audience ..people don't like the trouble of thinking

Allen's Grey Matter Inc. © 200...whatever !! said...

never read a more confusing writing with so much clarity.

How do you write like this..?!!
i'm awe inspired.

Hestia said...

@ allen
i have no idea how i write like this..

@think tank
hear hear my friend

Anonymous said...

Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)