Monday, March 03, 2008

The Big Bang

When the universe started out, the moon wasn’t there yet… The sun was just forming; it was burning a whole lot of love… God’s love, pagan love, love of the nature, love to nurture (you see that’s why the sun never disrupts our living or blasts at us, it can if it wants to, it’s hot in there). You know the black holes right, they were nice and rainbow coloured when the universe had started out. But they would suck up a lot, suck up to who? Well, the pagan love, God’s love obviously! So with all their sucking up, they just lost the colour. Why couldn’t they just be? That’s why they became ugly and lost the charm n colour. They forgot to reflect light. That, made them black, if only they had he grace of the black like the skin tone black. But no! Ugly black! They sucked up too much. They were just black. The many twinkle-twinkle little stars were churning up gases and creating some sort of luminescence. The planets were gathering mass from here and there and solidifying. The meteors and asteroids were just hanging out; they didn’t want to do concrete work. Some of these meteors were too chilled out, so they became comets. These different entities with different identities, what we can today heavenly bodies, were all very high (up there). They didn’t reach out yet. They felt they needed to settle down. All at once, they decided to progress to the solar system. They came in full form n force. BIG BANG! Well, then?

When they reached the solar system, they decided to find their respective spots and create a world of their own. With a swish and flick, satellites came. The planets came in an order, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The satellites decided to encircle their favorite planet. Jupiter, being the favorite one, of course. The Earth got the pretty moon, flawless and glowing with a mellow subtleness. Now, one of the meteors had the hots of the Earth, so he decided to crash in the moon, to tarnish! Another big bang! The moon then had craters… Earth didn’t care about the looks so the Earth accepted the beautiful moon as it as. Now, the Sun felt happy about this unconditional love that existed between them, the Earth n moon I mean. So what did the Sun do? The Sun gave some light to the Moon. The moon lit up, the Earth shook up, meaning high pulse rate n twirling in love turmoil happened! Another big bang…

Now… The Earth and Moon, the way they loved each other, created a tide. A high one, when there was a lot of passion and a low one, when they were a little less euphoric, but that didn’t mean love depletion, because one of my friends told me today, ‘love is too serious to be romantic’. Well…! Another big bang!
Then the world just started out!

End of theory,
End of story,
And there’s no glory!
(Why are you still reading this?)


Ajinkya D. said...

wonderful mathur! i know u don't like Woman's Day, but try reading my woman's day post.

Allen's Grey Matter Inc. © 200...whatever !! said...

Abysmal account of a stygian theory!!
Comets and the cosmos never felt so animate...

Hestia said...

well.. thank u!

apurva said...

ami its adorable!
like very very dramatic and wordsworth-y but youre a romantic so yes, you can make the big bang sound like cosmic love =D