Saturday, February 23, 2008

more about the tree theory.. in verse..

They were married to each-other,
He had not come to being a father, and she, a mother.
They were children, with far away puberty.
They lived away in an ancient village, then, existed no city.

He came with his mother adolescent.
Brought along sweets, raisins and many presents.
She peeped from the balcony grilled with climbers green,
That blinded her and the mortal evils were behind the screen.

The morning next day,
She sat in a cart full of hay,
She cried hot tears and had nothing to say.
Her parents had given her away.

He saw her small face from behind the veil,
In distance, he saw another boat, to the horizon, sail...
He gave her a pickle he was eating,
She accepted it and relished the taste.

It was dusk, so they had to take a break.
They reached the house of some relatives,
Who stayed on the way to the boy's native.
They played games and sang songs the whole night.

Next day morning, they were up in time...
They bid farewell to the newly-weds by filling sweets and sang age-old rhyme.
The entire clan, they left.
The girl smiled and looked at the boy.

On the way, there came a STOP!
'Twasn't for any joy or thrill.
The elders stood alert and smart.
Yet they came, the dacoits disrupted and looted!

There was bloodshed.
The child bride and child groom lay dead.
All was done, nothing was said.
On their remains, the scavengers fed.

The souls of the children were unhappy and unsatisfied.
They asked God why they didn't deserve to be buried?
God spoke lo, and sent them back here instantly as trees.
They were rooted, blessed with a fate to never be physically uprooted.

They were children soul, they didn't comprehend the tree spirit.
They decided to play games with the people and other mortals...
The bride turned into a date tree
And they groom turned into cactus.

One being too tall to reach.
The other had thorns a plenty to fish out a screech!

End of story!
Where's the glory?


Ajinkya D. said...

newer respect for. u higher then the highest was.

Sumedha said...

A bow to u.

Hestia said...

i m flattered..
respect is too big a word..
a bow i must take, not u!
thank u!

apurva said...

i've heard this before but that doesnt make it any less brilliant no?
its perfect, and you know i'm the biggest fan of your tree theory!
go tree theory!