Saturday, June 16, 2007


The passion was not quenched
Why though, she didn’t comprehend.
Her auburn dry face,
Cried dry tears with a psyched grace…

He looked from the heaven,
Sensitively, listening to her, completely taken,
Love and all had to be given.
He started to move down, when…!

The Almighty screamed with all the might
And held him back – really tight!
He wasn’t there within her sight.
Darkness was blown away – there was light.

He was hysterical…
The gloom seeped in, it was dull!
He was sad…
Indeed, he felt bad!

He cried…
Water trickled!
Drip – Drop – Drizzle – Downpour!
Drenched her heart(that was so sore).

The Clouds never come down… They send the rain to quench the passion… Blessed with the passion so pure, the Earth gives birth to lovely lush trees.

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gayatri said...

hey...really liked the poem...great concept!!!!