Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just some random thoughts...

The moment has passed….
But I am still here, back in the moment!
All that is done is said…

I am still here, afraid, brain-dead!


This world is so typical!
And it has driven me to be,
Liberated, eccentric and cynical!

To be or not to be?


There’s always a beginning with an end!
Likewise, an end always has a beginning!I don’t know whether I should look for the end in the beginning, or, the beginning in the end. Life is always contradicting itself. Ugh!


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RGMLK said...

Hello Junior ;)

Some good work in here... Though I haven't read all... Browsing centres are such put-offs ;(

Anyways, keep writing! Wat you interested in, btw?

PS: Random replies on blogs are to be replied on the other person's blog :)