Friday, May 26, 2006

Well... I thought that it was true love that would last forever... it didn't. He didn't love me... I did and I still do...

My True Love!

Just like the horizon…
The closer you get:
The togetherness is increased;
Making two ends meet,
All accepted…
Aiming to only unify!
Boundaries – don’t exist…

Just like the first rain,
The passion is quenched!
The sorrow is washed away.
The fear is drained!
Blessed with crops, fruits and flowers:
The flourish and lush is spread.
The freshness and pulse, everlasting…

Just like a maturing seed…
Sown deep in the soil…
It is nurtured with an endless future,
It breaks free and keeps growing!
It is flowery, fruitful and calm.
It knows no hatred.
It lives and lets live!

In that mind, body and soul…
Love is there deep within!
That pulsating silence,
When I look into your eyes.
That beating heart,
When I feel the heat.
That naughty smile,
That telepathy, predictability,
When you understand.
That warm breath,
When you are close.
That sweet and sour tinge,
When we disagree.
That help and that presence,
When I need that maturity in you.
That backing-up and security,
When I am upset.
My words…
Can’t express enough…
All that love…
When I know you will be there…
All of my love…
Because – you are the only one!
My first love – forever!
The one true love!
I love you!
Thank you!
I love you so much!

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