Friday, May 26, 2006


He was right there.
Scaling the mountain,Fighting the curving obstacles...
He had reached that target.
He was content..
He laughed and looked down:
He saw that he was looked upon!
He laughed...
He saw how small everything was.
He felt like a king.
He was happy:
That nobody could reach the point where he was!
As time passed by:-
He grew tired of this.
The icy cold crept in...
He loathed these heights.
He was so high that:
He could not bend...
He could not reach out!
He cried icy tears.
The icy peak cried as well...
The river of these tears:
Made it's way down there...
As the river went downwards:
It supported many,And life thrived by it!
It met with the sea..
It went to the further depths.
In these depths:
The tears moistened the oysters.
They opened up:
And - pearls were released!
He was up there...
He had perished.
In this state of slumber.
The river took his burden.
It reached him to those depths!
He awakened from slumber.
He saw!
He saw the pearls.
He realized that this was what he always wanted.
Alas! It was too late.
The target of his life:
Was not in the illusionary heights...
It was in the drowning depths!
Slumber came in again!
He was thrusted to the surface.
And there, he was reborn...
Reborn - to drown in depths!

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