Friday, May 26, 2006


Sand and silver polish…
Curved edges fitting the wooden frame!

Tassels of beads hang below
The mirror maker smiled!
He sold it to her…

It stood with cold confidence…
And commanded ‘importance’!
She looked in it:
And smiled!

Her beauty,
On the surface emerged!
It showed her skin-deep with perfection.
Again, with pride she smiled!

At night before sleeping…
She covered it with muslin cloth!
She kissed it and blushed!
She smiled with pride!

She woke up in the morning…
And unleashed the muslin cloth covering it:
She stood there…
Admiring her beauty with vanity.

Her friends and family:
Left her forsaken!

She did not care…
She needed no company.
Her reflection and her self
Were good enough for her!

One night…
The guard made a mistake.
A lamp fell…
And fire was spread.
The eerie night…
Was black with smoke.
And, choking because of carbon…
It was blackened as well!

She was a victim.
She was burnt and cold.
It was blackened – yet stood erect!

She looked in it…
She saw and smiled!
Her face was burnt black…
Yet – vanity clad!
She only saw what she wanted to…
Her self –
The soul within!
Reflection being mere perception!

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