Friday, May 26, 2006

Blank Pages

The wind passes over you.
You tremble and turn over…
You are empty with nothing,
And filled with empty.
Thirsty for ink…
Awaiting that scribble.
Poetry or prose
Or just something abstract!
You ensure space!
You are blessed with innocence.
Until one pens down on you:
You are ignorant!
And you are ignorant to the extent…
That you know no right or wrong!
The pages with potential…
Blank Pages!!!


Anonymous said...

I know it feels tht way all d time...but i guess itz wat u think is more impt n when it comes 2 writing ur Heartfelt thoughts...even if ppl mite change tht u almost always believe tht u were rite somewhere along cuz i don't think it b possible 4 ny1 2 exactly know d degree of pain or happiness or any other emotion tht was felt by u.

Einstein said...

my friend, you're enlightened when you know no right or wrong. Ignorant are those who think things are right or wrong.