Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the day called Today

today was a day called Today and the date happened to be 18th January.

At midnight, I heard stories from the cornered woman about her little kingdom-country where she had a zillion pets. She was telling me stories of the tragic deaths of her pets. Her pet hamster Fudge died of a heart attack. This heart attack was due to some bitches shining burning torch light into his tender eyes. And her pet fish committed suicide apparently because she brought some new sea water fish into the fish bowl. The sea water fish troubled the sweet one from fresh water. So the fresh water princess jumped out of the bowl. Strange, right? This kingdom-country is very blessed otherwise, oily and all that, after all. The only problems they have here are maid problems. I will elaborate on how the maid made problems - in another post.

Coming back to Today.

So, after midnight, it was early morning. 6 o' clock. Alarm rang. Cornered woman tried to wake me up. I didn't wake up. I slept away to glory, blissfully ignoring my radio assignment that was due Today. Then I was shaken up by Sukdoo at 08-20, she told me to hurry up for the class at 9. This particular class, you have to be timely, else you 'd be absent despite your presence. I conveniently woke up at 08-35 and decided to take a wonderfully long bath. My housemates had left for college by then, they banged on the bathroom door saying it was five to 9 and I must hurry. The lazy one in my house decide to bunk. And I had to run. I grabbed the gaaon ki gori in which I dumped my laptop (I abuse technology, man!) And in the Elvis bag, I had my books and wallet so I just grabbed that as well. Then, I remembered Newaari boy's laptop had to be returned so I grabbed his laptop and dumped it in a bag as well. I ran. I met my neighbour, I gave him a tense smile and ran. I ran as fast as I could to the ricksha stand. Auto took one whole minute to cross the road. Vroom vroom. MIC. Paid money. Ran. Running. Reached class. Three bags tumbling around me. My friends say, 'eh you made it to class.' I am very pleased as the teacher jee is not around yet.

I went back to my favorite last bench and wore my lenses, caught a breath and drank some water. Now I am all flustered already and our teacher jee decides to show us Requiem for a Dream. For those of y'all who have seen the movie will understand the impact of the film. It's brilliant but in the morning, empty stomach? Appetite killed for the whole day. The sound and scenes still linger in my mind. Drugs scare and intrigue me. My plan was drugs on deathbed, I am not too sure if that will happen after the film. I will only do peaced out drugs like acid, hash and grass on the deathbed. I wonder why all my favorite bands glorify narcotics so much? Lucy in the sky with diamonds... Is psychedelia overrated? Even if it is, I love the idea, will always. Wont indulge because I am too scared and I care too much.

Then I hugged my cornered woman for I felt very cranky after movie. And I went to the canteen to get something to eat and chai of course. Couldn't eat, chai mein keeda gir gaya. Uh! Newaari boy and a-jinx-yeah and my favorite Bihaaris made some happy distractions. Then I sat myself down to concentrate on academics for a while. Just when I had started to write my radio script some A19 work errupted. That done. Some UTSAV work butted in. Radio script still undone. Then it was 01:30, I wrote jaldi jaldi... Shakti Kapoor helped me convert the files...

Two of my most loved Manipal people have already left for the 4-month long exchange programme. I miss, I miss. Bittersweet.

Then a class happened with the most peaceful person in my college! I ran after class to the Sound Lab to ask questions of importance to teacher jee about my radio practicals. Then I ran to PG Lab to print my script. I did chance pe dance and took laser print outs. Spite comes! I pay 60-grand for a BA! Why not use college paper and ink and printer? Huh?

Radio Practicals happened. I am talent for two, I do that job well enough. But then comes my turn to be producer. I am nervous, more so around little-bit-intimidating teacher jee! I screw up! All wrong. My script is cool and so are my talents! But, I, suck! Don't want to say more about that.

Then it's evening. Kalamanch meeting. Audition posters go out not Today.

Then elaborate discussion on very many things of some importance.

Then I want to run to our Manipal home. But on the way my lovely Karwaar wants to pick up nose ring. So we do all that jazz. She is very new to the nose piercing so we all have to stand by her in these times of surgery, you see. It's all about the look.

Now... That lazy one was messaging about din-din... So we ran off to CCD soon after to eat a chocolate fantasy and mustard with veg puff... Decent enough... Chocolate cake craving in Manipal is never quenched!! It really sucks.

Then we have to go to KC to help put up the countdown. We waste time, nothing happens at KC. I am bummed. Faaltu waste of money, time and energy.

We say hello to Hostel people and head back home.

Drunk boys we meet in the lift, back to mighty mighty MIT-ian-full building, eh! They follow us to our floor. Ring the bell many times. We YELL at them and tell them to FUCK OFF! How much they bothered us!? But we are the champions so we just fought. The cool chicks, full on! Feminism funda! Ooh la la!

It's such breathlessness all the time. Today comes, everyday.

I take up so much work that in the end I can't give my full dedication to anything. I don't know how work follows me everywhere! Creativity and spontaneous activity are no longer my ability. My ability now is willingness to accept responsibility.

If you were wondering about the significance of the illustration on top, I must tell you, it means nothing. It's a picture clicked on Madgaon station, Goa. It's B/W and done by Mario Miranda. I just photoshopped it, little bit.

If you have read this post with endurance till this ace of base... You really love me or you are just bored... Thank you for bearing with me... I needed to blah blah yap yap for a while now...

Ummm, ignore the erratic switching between tenses and other grammatical errors!


Ajinkya Deshmukh said...

"I did chance pe dance and took laser print outs. Spite comes! I pay 60-grand for a BA! Why not use college paper and ink and printer? Huh?"


S Ramanathan said...

Ahhh... I cant figure if i lowe you or i am bored.:P But I managed to read it all! :)

Zlaek said...

The days called today...yesterday...tomorrow (whatever) can be so eventful in some people's lives. Time must move really quickly for you yeah?

(And from whatever little I saw of you at school...I'd always thought you'd be this way a few years from then -- I mean the creativity, spontaneous activity... dynamic thinking part of it.)

cunfusion & marmalade said...

i love you!

Arya said...

hehheeh i am bored rite now...n i think this is my second i think i love u also...misraji