Thursday, December 11, 2008


The constitution of India states the above.
Yet, news channels and all of us are trying to feel proud of the way the politicians were united about combating terror at the Lok Sabha session today. Well, isn't that the way we are supposed to function anyway? Why the pride? Shame.


Ajinkya said...

I know what you're talking about... it became a big deal that the opposition stood with the party in power...
But, really, though that's how its supposed to be, it aint. Except in a few cases. Here's a lesser known example:

In 2006, the opposition and ruling party unanimously passed a bill that made the State of Maharashtra pay the mobile phone bills of all the Ministers and their drivers !!! Though, the bill never made through due to some timely intervention by senior leaders, there's an example of standing together.
And when things go wrong and action is needed, we have a slugfest!

cunfusion & marmalade said...

arey let it be if thats what we can find hope in then why not maybe the pride will drive a lil less take and a lil more give in them politicians appreciation has its value non ?