Monday, October 15, 2007

Tremble in the tower
Melody so insane
Troubles of the turmoil
Wrath of the times
Wrapped in cold humility
He lay beneath the sands of time
Coiled like an animal of lower grace
Poor like the pawn in power-play
Empty crwaled in his mind so full
Speaking of the fall of humanity
Evolution had lost to de-evolution
Man had died and animal had come
The dawn of the cold blue
The dirt in the water, a differernt hue
Unfamilliar to Him
Unfamilliar to us and them
A sorrow of disease crept in sadly
Evolution had lost to de-evolution
He was betrayed
Happiness was lost
The measure had caused to stagnate
Another world, not well placed, created
Negativity to infinity
Life had not sustained
It was the triumph of the dark
With gray clouds, the only source of bright
Light could not lead
Life could not proceed
The Almighty had fallen
'He' had indeed
The cause was not known
A strange rebellion
Of strife, struggle, sorrow
Sniff! A silent prayer
Can He pray?
Who is the Authority now?
God made man
Then, mad was mighty
An appeal to us then
Strangely, we can change
Lets re-incarnate God from this misery
With our bad deeds, what have we made of Him?

Bring back the lost faith!

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