Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I was sitting under a tree with my friends Maani, & Kim. Shonali was sitting on the wall. Kim was lamenting about cunning-jive-it-s! Maani was rambling away to glory about the random. He told me that I will get 'it' one day. I got this the same day. I was happy. Thought had come to Manipal, finally! Life has purpose. Buddha sat under the tree & found his answers, Newton sat under the tree and found gravity, I sat under the tree & found this theory... Read on...

The Tree Theory

We are here with a purpose.

Let us assume that the purpose of our lives is 'detachment from our self.'

We have to detach from that self to be selfless. We have to be selfless & offer ourselves for the service of others.

We have to work for the welfare of animals, human-kind, nature and the plants.

But we are unable to reach that state of absolute detachment.


On the path to detachment, we face many distractions. Distractions like sweet fruits, the Apple, flowers, etc. So we stagnate. We settle for lesser things. We restrict to self & growth is hampered.

We have to make an effort to avoid these distractions. We have to leave the self. That is our purpose...

Some are successful in getting to their purpose.

These people turn into trees. To be a tree is the ultimate nirvana.

So be a tree..

And set free!

When you be the tree, you only do service to the others. The tree gives us shade, it filters our CO2 to the breathing gas, and blah.

And, the distractions like the Apple, fruits and flowers come to us. We bear the distractions. So the pleasure is ours.

Bottom Line:

Be the tree!


Ajinkya D. said...

sweet. Deep. lucid.

apurva said...

maaro bachchu's tree theory!
love it =D