Friday, March 23, 2007

Inspired by: Apurva

She was destined to be
And so was He
With Zero to foresee
Deeper, drowning in Destiny

Lotus-eaters, they were
Devouring the dope
Freedom, their only hope
Weird wisdom wasted

She did not move
Patiently, she waited for the call
Subtle currents were humming
While she was waiting to be taken wholly

He sat on the rock
Watching the green leaves turn yellow
When the smoky looking sky
Poured down with all its might

The rock was displaced
Gravel and ground eroded
He rolled in the stream
A surreal stride took him

The current was in rage now
Screaming waves were in pace
She was taken in daze
The rest was dissolved

Flooded fortune finally
She and He were woken up by dawn
The somber sun smiled
They had met

Feeling love and loved
She and He were We
So it was meant to be
Written in destiny


1 comment:

Apurva said...

Purple.... I like!!!
hmmm but thank you its really cool u know i loved it:)