Sunday, February 04, 2007

I love all of you!! Please don’t take offence guys!!

10 years down the line…

Veena & Prachi:
They will be owners of the ‘Vadke-Venkat Finances Pvt. Ltd.’, a firm known for the best CA’s around. Prachi will be married to her beloved Jai and she will be the proud mom of her son ‘Mihir’, she will be bald cuz she has enough hair right now! Veena will be married to Balasubramani Narayan Vatapattu Swami Muthu(pet name – bala) and she will have a daughter named Dhanlaxmi Priya Vijya Jam Bam Gam Mamoothy Venkat Swami Muthu(pet name – dhanu)

Will be blowing off all her cool marwari husband’s money shopping in Atria mall and going for Kitty parties… And ya – she will baby sit Apurva’s kids! Oops – he own kids as well…
She will be the HRD head of ‘Tip-Top records’. She will be married to her sidey glares guys… eeeiu! And ya – she will have a mansion in the middle of the Arabian sea. She will gift Roshni a diamond ring, ummm, I wonder why?

Proud owner of Omkara Bhaigiri Ltd.(Supari do – Tapori lo!) in Sion-Koliwada. Part time machchi waali… Married to our beloved ‘Uncle’ and the proud mom of the sabnees twins… sss!
Married to the best rich guy in the world. Apurva’s guruji gave her the potion to seduce him for a lifetime! Cool life, full of shopping bags, no kid menace, sleep, & obesity!

eDDy jee:
will do a PhD on the life of ‘Jim Morrison’… Will be name for anything ‘new age’ on India. Will be known for his flirty ways with women… Ahem… Will starts a chain of breakfast and brunch restaurants, called, ‘Bun-Maska’! Will own the bandra fort where he will make a luxurious home for himself and his family and his closest friends! Will be Rahul Bose’s successor. Now he will be the chairperson of the NGO, ‘The Foundation… Homosexuality will be a major cause he will take up! And he will have a woman for a chauffeur! (part time ‘Sarkar’ as well!)

The next Nandita Das – need I say more?
And haan – acting in all Vaze movies!!
Most successful marathi director-writer!! Yay!! Qualified from FTII and totally cool. Would be now entering Hindi cinema! And ya – he will get Yoko Height Increaser to increase his height cuz his wife will be 7 feet tall(main meri patni aur who – lol!)

Done bhai:
New party head of ‘Telgu Desam Party’ – LOL!

The next k-jo
Will have a talk show ‘A-Mo’s Muah!’ and will have made the melodramatic block-buster movie call ‘kuch kuch pyaar hai’ – ‘Inspiration works’… All will be good with Prerna too!

OH SO Payal-ish!!!!!!!!

Will look after his dad’s kaarobaar like a good son! Will wear lungi at all times! And will be married to some Lolla Kutty!

Will be a boring software engineer. But will be married to a hot rich hunk… drool!!! And will be pregnant for the first time!

Married to Mihir Godbole, and she will have record-breaking 9 kids, who she will name, ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’, ‘E’, ‘F’ ‘G’, ‘H’ and ‘I’… She will have taken over the administration of Jehangir Art Gallery… cool na!!

Volunteer for ‘Veggie Sabha Mandal’… Married to Jignesh. Will have 2 kids, Jigna @ Bhajan!! And yeah – she will be a successful research person in the bio-thing!!!

Married to Muthuswami Shesaadhri, who she fell in love with when she was at IIT!

Renamed to Kehkasha… Successful doctor who will be working for women’s rights. Author of the book, ‘Doctors love’… will be married to a terrorist! LOL!

Owner of ‘Jelly Belly Chocolates’, a hug free with every chocolateyou buy… Muah! She’s so cute!!

News reporter for the ‘bad-bad bulletin’ on Anwal News!

Proud owner of Anwal group!

Neha – Gaurav – Shraddha – Zoshi:
Coaching class for History-BA level, Politics-BA level and of course IAS!

RJ on ‘Garam Chai’ – 1000007 FM!

He will be a very very very famous criminal lawyer, who will be late(not fashionably) for every session!

New Mani Ratnam! After IIT – he will go to FTII! Yay!

Famous Maths dudette! Shakunatala devi types!

Happily married… Working for Cadbury… Cuz she’s so sweet!

Happily married to Ghatgay! Lol!

Rohan J:
Married and will have 2 twin girlies, Scarlet and Sarah! Next Rehman!!!!

Aparna & Prachi G:
Will start a food factory, Prachi ka bheja aur Aparna ka Khaana!

Shivakami: Host of the talk show 'Matter-of-factly'

Rahul: New choreographer for Nach Baliye 20

Imran: Will open a biryani shop in bandra


call me what you will said...

Hey!!! looooove it, damn cute!!!

pehchaan kaun???

Rohan said...

hehe....this was sweet! Me with twin girlies AND the next rahman...aapke muh mein ghee shakkar aur chocolate brownie a la mode, aami ji :-)

~Jelly Belly~ said...

owwwwww god amie...u are absolutely amazing.. :)