Saturday, December 09, 2006

I slept dream-free
I woke up carefree
No crows did crow
No bees did buzz
No sun did sparkle
No wind did whisper
No men did mingle
It was pitch dark
A sickening silence seeped in.
I rubbed my eyes (dry tears came) –
I could not feel –
I felt stone – stoic…
The feeling of not feeling,
The thought of not thinking,
Was absurd…
I felt empty…
God came down to me…
Asked me to change my destiny,
At this moment – I was happy!
The happiness was only momentary…
I realized –
Even if I had changed my destiny
It would be temporary!
Because God wrote us all a different story…
(Talk about creativity.)
The end to those stories was one…
For you and me, destiny is all things Earthly!
Limited to what we can see…
I told God:
That I don’t want the chance to change!
God smiled and vanished!
The black glowed to white.
The world was alive again.
But I wasn’t there.
I was…
One with the blackness of the Zero…
My end –
My destiny –
Everybody’s destiny!

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